I am an immigrant from Netherlands, born in 1948, have a fødselsnummer and live in 3577 Hovet, Buskerud. I do not master the Norwegian language yet: that is why I write in English.
I have become hypersensitive since I live in Norway. It has been a slow but steady process with symptoms that finally, last year november, could be analysed as electromagnetic hyper sensitivity: EHS: unexplainable extremely high blood pressure, strong heart arrhythmia, tiredness. I have worked in healthcare in the Netherlands and am very well informed about the normal reasons of what I named. These symptoms started when the smartmeter was installed, and this while I did not even know about the installation. It was scary. The smartmeter has been disabled after a terrifying week. In the meantime I have asked EMF-consult from Norway to measure the radiation in the apartment. This happened after the smartmeter has been deactivated, and because I got curious about the impact of the 4G mast 70 meters from here. This is indeed still sending around a too high radiation, which goes far over the by the Norwegian government offered numbers. This means that I am in a constant field of electromagnetism, with numbers above the allowed height and strength. In the house the WiFi has been disabled and all devices are working with cables in the meantime. I do not have a mobile with an internet function. I do not use any device that needs WiFi to work. I cannot travel whenever I want or where I want: I need to be in hotels with a low WiFi radiation. Even travelling by train takes my energy away: overtiredness after a normal journey. My fair request is to replace the 4G mast, here in the village, to a place that is lesser aggressive for human beings. Next to the 4G mast lives a family with young children, they are in a constant EMF radiation: the cell site is very little, which means that the full power goes through the house. It has a strength to reach a place 35 kilometers ahead. Question is, what if this was a sound sending mast, with decibels that reach a distance of 35 kilometers. My body «hears», receives that noise of the cell site, it is too high to be heard by our normal ears. I hear it with all my body cells. As one does when standing next to a podium with musicians, and the loudspeakers on full opened volume. I have a constant tinnitus, and a starting cataract.
I am a member of Volkets Strålevern since September 2018.